Parking Sign Generator (WIP)

Work in progress

Since starting my role at GTA, I have seen many opportunities where productivity could be improved through task specific software development. As I am wont to do, I got carried away with one of the tools I was working on. This one, was part of a larger system to enable more efficient audits of parking restrictions. Car parking audits are a common tool in transport engineering. They can be important for single-block developments to assess the impact on the local road network or they can be used to inform strategic planning for councils.

Mostly for a bit of added fun, I developed a parking sign generator that would show you what the audited sign would look like. In the full version of the web application, each parking sign would be associated with spatial coordinates. This is to enable integration with GIS software to generate visual presentation of parking data instead of the usual drab tables in reports to clients. Looking even further into the future, this type of tool could be expanded further to assist with the analysis of proposed changes to parking within a study.

If you’d like to have a play around yourself, just follow the instructions below.

Simple Parking Signs

  1. Visit this page. It looks better on desktop, but should work on mobile.
  2. Select the sign segment that you would like to add. This is done by clicking one of the “N-S-E-W” selectors on the left. Although some signs can be more complicated, in general, all signs can be reduced to a maximum of four segments.
    Four aspect parking sign
    Four aspect parking sign. Source:
  3. After selecting your chosen sign segment, a form will appear. Select the type of sign you would like to display by filling the form. Make sure to select the “visible” option to render the sign segment.
    form example
  4. Profit.
  5. If something doesn’t render correctly, please drop me a line here. Please include the steps to recreate the issue. Note: if profit did not occur in step 4, please do not contact me.